lets get to know each other


Who am I? I’m a curator of my life, I am a manifesting queen, an intuitive, an embodied woman, a soul guide (life coach), a workshop and circle facilitator, a witch. I am here to connect you to your soul’s purpose, to connect you with the tools to achieve your wildest dreams. I am here to excite you about life again and empower you to take action and show you the path of the least resistance.

I have been involved in self development since I was 16 (how, lucky? I know). At 16 years old I realised that I wanted to transform the world but I didn’t know how. At 18 I completed a rigorous 7 month Leadership training, at 21 I became a certified Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Teacher, at 22 I completed my Double Major in Psychology Bachelors and took on a challenged I created for myself 22 @ 22. I saved 22K to travel till it ran out at the ages of 22. Thirteen months later I returned home, I never completed the challenge as I never ran out of money I actually returned home with 9K (I told you I was a manifesting queen).

The next 3 years I created a life of travel and an abundance of meaningful connections, joy, party and adventure. Returning home at 25 with 52 countries under my belt and a connection to my Soul’s Purpose I began leading workshops out of my backyard. I have lots of experience with embodiment of the feminine and the masculine energies and archetypes. Earlier this year I also completed a Becoming Woman Facilitator Training, where I learned the Moonsong wheel. The moonsong wheel is all about connecting women to the cycles of nature and their menstrual cycling, empowering them in their daily routine and just everyday lives.

I am super passionate about freeing you from any guilt, shame or self doubt because I see you and I see your true power.