travel and other drugs

connecting you to your soul’s purpose and supporting you on your journey into your dream life


Hey Beauty,

Welcome to my website. I have created this space to help me pursue my purpose

“My purpose is to show you that YES there is more to life. To empower YOU to have self love. To connect you to your purpose. To free you from shame, guilt, self doubt and fear. To inspire and support you in stepping into you dream life, that is filled with joy, health, adventure, freedom, peace, pleasure, excitement, meaningful connections and delicious sex.”



My coaching is not one dimensional, it is going to hit all aspects of your life. You can’t have it all if you neglect your health or have an unhealthy relationship with your mother/father or money or SEX or dare I say the biggest taboo we all overstep MENSTRUAL CYCLE. Yes, here I am going to assist you on a full body, soul, heart, mind and root awakening. I am living a life of joy and ease because I am in balance. I am no longer neglecting parts of me that society shames. I am in my full power because I shone the light on my shadows and I went digging into what I didn’t know, I didn’t know - that is where the gold is.

I see you for who you really are, don’t be shy, come and play with me and step into the life you always wanted. Trust me DREAM BIG because even your wildest, craziest desires are possible - I tested this myself, this shit works. You no longer need to play small and honour your old story of limiting beliefs. I will guide you, I will hold your hand, I will nurture you and support you all YOU have to do is TRUST and play BIG.


Why Travel and Other Drugs? I thought of rebranding as my purpose of; inspiring people to travel, and writing a lifestyle blog about travel, food, fashion and sex changed but then I realised TRAVEL played a huge part in my self development and transformation. 

Travel connected me with people from all walks of life and showed me that a 9-5 does not have to be the end goal. It taught me about different cultures and how people connect. It was a catalyst for my spiritual journey. It was on my first long, spontaneous, 13 month trip that I decided to connect to my intuition, it was on that trip that I saw a shaman that told me I was a healer, it was on that trip that I dove deeper into exploring my sexuality and realised there was so much unspoken and unexplored topics within our society. It was on that trip that I began noticing synchronicities and discovering myself. I believe travel is a great way to explore yourself and surrender to the universe and allow her to guide you to the lessons and gifts of life.

When I say drugs I don’t actually mean drugs per se…although I do hear psychedelics lead to spiritual awakenings. When I say “and other drugs” I’m talking about other addictions; food, sex, fashion, adventure, money. It is a play on words and I feel it is fitting for my coaching or as I call it Soul Guiding business.



“Dasha is an incredibly gifted intuit and high level empath. The clarity, depth and incisiveness of this woman's wisdom betrays the convention's that exist for human beings her age. The fact she can transcend her youth speaks to the degree she has tapped into the workings of her souls nature.

She has been incredibly poignant and surgical with her coaching. She has subjected my soul to conversations it has been unwilling to hear yet has yearned for. This woman's power will compel your greatness, if not through direct conversation then through pure osmosis. Beware and only approach her if you want a complete and utter transformation of your life and being, doused with complete honour and love.” - Ezel, Melbourne